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On designTotal design: A Danish tradition

Explore the importance of design in Danish culture and its on-going worldwide influence with Anne-Louise Sommer, Director of the Designmuseum Denmark in Copenhagen, and Jane Sandberg, CEO of ENIGMA Museum of Post, Tele and Communications.

The Danish WayThe Danish Way of Mindful Living

For centuries, human beings have sought happiness and wellbeing through a connection with nature. From Neolithic stone circles to today’s resurgence of interest in sustainable and organic products, we have a primal need to have relationships with spaces and objects that resonate in a profound and purposeful way.

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Elemental living

In the raw and dramatic landscape of Iceland we visit an architectural masterpiece, Árborg House, by nordic architect Pálmar Kristmundsson. Here, the landscape plays a leading role to the extraordinary architectural space, demonstrating how the natural and the man-made can live in perfect harmony.

On designTotal design: A culture of togetherness

Our speakers continue their discussion at Copenhagen’s Designmuseum on how Denmark’s sense of collaboration and human-centric approach make good design accessible to everyone. VOLA was originally created for use in the National Bank of Denmark in Copenhagen and continues to be specified globally by renowned architects in iconic public buildings.

Hands-free gel, foam and soap dispenserNew VOLA RS11

Discreet, yet beautiful to look at, VOLA RS11 adds to the quality of your welcome.

See the unexpectedAarhus Symphony Orchestra

This summer, workers at the VOLA factory in Horsens were surprised much to everyone’s delight.

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Our products

The first VOLA taps were designed for the National Bank of Denmark by Arne Jacobsen.

Arne Jacobsen (1902-71) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1927. His breakthrough as an architect came in 1929 with the winning design for the contest on the House of the Future which was really the introduction of modern architecture on Danish ground.

The idea

Shortly after Arne Jacobsen won a competition in 1961 for his design of the National Bank of Denmark he was contacted by the owner of VOLA A/S, Verner Overgaard, who introduced his proposal for a new type of wall-mounted mixer tap. He imagined a design where all the mechanical parts of the mixer are hidden leaving only the handles and spout exposed. At the time this was a completely new concept, but Jacobsen realized that this idea combined with his functional approach to design could be developed. With that basic principle in mind, the simple and concise VOLA design that we know today was conceived.

Since Jacobsen's death in 1971, Teit Weylandt, one of Arne Jacobsen's former assistants, and later on the design department of Aarhus Arkitekterne A/S along with the late VOLA Director Carsten Overgaard, continued to introduce new products into the world of the famous VOLA range. Thus establishing VOLA as an international brand whilst keeping the original principles of excellent design and functionality.

Danish craftsmanship and sensibility

Made only in Horsens, Denmark, VOLA prides itself on its design heritage and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our stories

We created six stories that look at VOLA and what makes
it what it is today. Often imitated but never matched.
VOLA is The Original.

Our history

VOLA has epitomised the enduring power of craft, style, and honest materials for five decades.

Our collaborations

We have always been chosen by top
architects and designers worldwide.

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Indem Sie sich für VOLA entscheiden, werden Sie Teil des bleibenden Erbes von ikonischem dänischem Design und außergewöhnlicher Handwerkskunst.

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