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Filmography by Jack Flynn & Nick David for VOLA


The pioneering Danish spirit is the heartbeat of VOLA. Committed to sustainability, education and authenticity, our innovation and boundless curiosity lead us into the future.

A strong desire to explore and innovate has driven VOLA forward from the very beginning, creating a wide range of products that push the boundaries of design and manufacturing whilst staying true to the original principals of pure design.

VOLA may well be 50 years old, but remains infinitely curious and inventive, with the famous Danish pioneering spirit staying as strong as ever.

VOLA demonstrates its commitment to evolution through its modular design approach, rising to the challenges of sustainability and efficiency. From Arne Jacobsen’s very first design principles, VOLA has used modularity to deliver consistency, compatibility and flexibility.

The T39 towel warmer perfectly demonstrates VOLA’s ability to develop innovative products beautifully, within the original design principles. Configurations are available to suit any scheme, personally made for each customer.

The VOLA belief in always looking forward, whilst respecting the past, is arguably key to its success to date. As VOLA say, it is what they do best and what they enjoy most. This pioneering spirit infuses everything at VOLA and will continue to do so for at least another 50 years.

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Dänisches Designerbe VOLA Erfahrung Versprechen für Langlebigkeit

Indem Sie sich für VOLA entscheiden, werden Sie Teil des bleibenden Erbes von ikonischem dänischem Design und außergewöhnlicher Handwerkskunst.

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