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Only unique craftsmanship can create a timeless finish

From our earliest days, we have recognised the importance of craftsmanship and the role of hand-made processes in creating our products. Every product that emerges from our factory is finished to an exceptional level of detail. And our directional hand-brushing is the epitome of this unique approach.

Brushing and polishing takes great human skill and attention

All our products have been created by hand. It is only by following this that our products are approved and meet our exacting standards.

Brushing and polishing has never been written down; it has been passed on by experienced craftspeople. We educate our experts from one generation to the next by passing on these skills and their specialised history.

A surface that is as timeless as it is enduring

Architects and designers are drawn to a textured finish for its timeless aesthetic.
It fits with any style of architecture. Brushed Stainless steel in particular is also popular for high traffic schemes where durability and hygiene are of great importance. The brushed surface also helps its high corrosion resistance, making it last a lifetime.

A texture that needs to be felt, naturally

We transform pure and raw metal into perfectly finished products with a tactile surface that will stand the test of time.

Fitting along side other natural materials such as wood, concrete, stone and glass, our unique finish is rigorously tested to deliver pure, unblemished surfaces

Unique texture and colour are powerful tools

From the very first Arne Jacobsen-designed taps, colours have been part of the VOLA world. The VOLA Metallic range takes our craftsmanship and detailing to another level. These exquisite finishes including warm golds and vibrant coppers showcase the same exceptional technical detailing and level of surface quality as any other VOLA colour.

The ultimate minimalist statement, delivering high performance and uncompromised form

The brushed stainless steel that forms such an integral component of the VOLA aesthetic has a distinctive and pure character and yet retains high corrosion resistance. It’s only with great precision and attention to detail that we can deliver an exceptionally high quality surface finish, retaining a minimal design and high-performance surface.

Circular use of materials

100% of the natural material waste we produce is recovered and recycled, to produce new brass and stainless steel cylinders that can be reused for new products. Recycling our materials this way minimises material waste and landfill and reduces the need for new materials to be extracted from the earth. Which takes us one step closer to closing the cycle.

Our brushed finish is unique for each and every component of all our products

Our brushing is unique to each VOLA product and each of its components. The shape and design of each element dictates how we create the perfect directional brushed finish. So every product is unique, from handles to spouts, from nozzles to bodies, each element is individually brushed.

The VOLA brushed finished has been imitated but never matched.

Our technique is unique, but more importantly, so are our craftspeople

At VOLA we value traditional craftsmanship as well as contemporary innovation. Next to our factory is the VOLA Academy, where experts with years of experience share knowledge and ideas. People from all over the world come here to study the VOLA way, right at the heart of the VOLA family.

Our stories

We created six stories that look at VOLA and what makes
it what it is today. Often imitated but never matched.
VOLA is The Original.

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Dänisches Designerbe VOLA Erfahrung Versprechen für Langlebigkeit

Indem Sie sich für VOLA entscheiden, werden Sie Teil des bleibenden Erbes von ikonischem dänischem Design und außergewöhnlicher Handwerkskunst.

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